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The Webkinz Donkey is a bit clumsy, but loyal and dependable. The Donkey is known for daydreaming from time to time, but this cuddly pet is always excited to receive a giant hug. Its poofy tuft of grey hair on its head, bushy-ended tail, and adorable charm make the Donkey a must have Webkinz in your collection. It will be released in April 2010.

PSI: Gold Mine
PSF: Flapjacks

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The Signature Endangered Asian Elephant stands tall, proud, strong, and is one of the largest and most impressive animals in all of Webkinz World. The Asian Elephant is wise, quiet, and has a great memory, so playing with it and caring for it earns you a lifetime friend! It is being released in April 2010.

PSI: Jumbo Jungle Shower
PSF: Peanut Butter and Banana Split

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The Signature Short Haired Yorkie is a beautiful and playful dog. Probably the most playful pup in all of Webkinz World. Active and cuddly, the Short Haired Yorkie loves bounding around in Kinzville Park and making friends with the other pets. However, when it gets tired feel free to give it a rub on the tummy because it loves that. This Yorkie will be released in April 2010.

PSI: Handbag Bed
PSF: Yorkshire Pudding

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Don’t let this Signature Pet’s small size fool ya because this Small Signature Fox is as sly as ever. It’s friendly, soft, furry and loves to chase his own tail around. Pointy ears, and a caring heart make this the friendliest Fox in all of Webkinz World. It will be released April 2010.

PSI: Sli Slide
PSF: Sly Lamb Pie

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The Webkinz Dazzle Daschund is covered in sparkly diamonds that dazzle under the light. Its bright shine far exceeds its short little legs which makes the Dazzle Daschund anything but forgettable. Whenever you want to play this pup will be pouncing at your feet with excitement. It is released in April 2010.

PSI: Pup Star Vanity
PSF: Swanky Sorbet

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The Webkinz Warthog is a featured April 2010 pet. Don’t let the gruff look of those tusks fool you, the Warthog is really a gentle beast. Show this animal some love and it will love you right back. The PSI and PSF have yet to be announced.

Webkinz Warthog Picture

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The Webkinz Rainbow Armadillo is, you guessed it, colored like an actual rainbow. From its tail to its nose, you will find every single color of the rainbow splashed all over this Armadillo. I don’t think there has ever been a more colorful animal in Webkinz World. The Rainbow Armadillo will be released in April 2010.

Webkinz Rainbow Armadillo

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