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During Webkinz World site maintenance, they added 5 new clothing machine recipes that are just waiting to be solved.

  • Alpine Hat
  • Bright Spies Trench Coat
  • Sweet Dreams Bathrobe
  • Tabby’s Glasses
  • Wild Watermelon Shirt

If you solve any of them, be sure to post in the comments so I can update with the recipe.

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With maintenance complete in Webkinz World we now know what the new area is. It is called the KinzStyle Outlet and is run by the fashion guide PJ Collie. The new shop has clothing organized by category which makes for much easier shopping, and there are always specials going on. According to the announcement, a bunch of clothes have retired and will never make a return to the store.

Also added is the new clothing machine. It is basically like cooking, except it is for your clothes. If you put 3 clothing items together, and the recipe is correct, you will come out with a brand new piece of clothing. There are plenty of clothing recipes to discover.

Finally, two new room designs, Girls Rule! and Garden Yard, have been added to the Clubhouse. Head over there to check them out.

Be sure to check out the Webkinz Cloud Sheep that will be coming to the eStore too.

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