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395155_trying_to_winLike most online gaming worlds, there are cheat codes in Webkinz World that you can use to get fast money and free stuff. Beware before you use them, though, as your account will be deleted if you are caught cheating and you can be banned.

In the Webkinz virtual world, kids get virtual pets and learn to care for them. Kids need to get them food and shelter and make sure their pet stays healthy. Kids earn Kinzcash in different ways to buy what they need, or the extras they want. They can get stylish furniture, wallpaper, beds, clothing and even a castle for their pet. Since most parents use this as a way to teach lessons about the real world, cheating just doesn’t seem right.

It’s probably best to not share these codes with your kids, but in case you are curious and want to see what the cheat codes can do, or what you can get for an easy 100,000 Kinzcash there are websites where you can get the codes. Don’t use your kid’s real account, try explaining that they can never play with their Webkinz because mommy cheated and now their deleted. In this case, curiosity can kill the cat.

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