I have found an additional addiction to add on to my Webkinz addiction – Club Penguin.

As a result of my new addiction I have launched another site to compliment Webkinz World.

You can find my new site here – http://clubpenguintips.com.

I pride myself in bringing all my readers the latest Webkinz news, and I will do the same with my new Club Penguin site. I encourage all of you to head on over and check it out because I think you will like it. This new site will not take any attention away from this site, so you all will still be getting the latest Webkinz news and updates. I will be paying equal attention to both sites so if you are a Webkinz fan and a Club Penguin fan please head over to check it out and help get it off to a good start.

Bookmark it, share it with friends, and whatever else you can do to spread the word about the new site would be very appreciated.

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