Hey guys, I want to wish all Webkinz World readers a very Happy New Year and I hope 2009 is very prosperous for you all.

Without all my readers, this site would not be what it is today. It is truly you guys that keep me updating this site with all the latest Webkinz news and information.

A look back at 2008

I want to look back at 2008 so you all can see how far this site has come since it was first started.

I started recording stats in March 2008 and that month I received 13,247 visitors, and averaged 427 per day. April and May were rough months and visitors slowly decreased to just about 200 per day by the end of May. That is when I knew I had to step up my game to make this into a good site. I turned it around in June and averaged 763 visitors per day, for a total of 22,898 that month. After that, the amount of visitors I received steadily increased so that is when I knew I was on the right track for a successful Webkinz site. My December total of visitors reached 142,458 and the site averaged 4,595 visitors per day.

So, once again, thank you to all my visitors for making this site what it is today.

Happy New Year.

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