1186822_puzzle_time_4Webkinz are small stuffed animals that on the surface don’t seem different than other plush toys. Each Webkinz toy has a secret code printed on the tag that kids can use to login to the virtual Webkinz World. Here kids can care for their virtual pets, decorate rooms, learn about crafts, and even get some delicious recipes. Many important lessons are disguised as fun in this virtual world.

The Webkinz store sells everything Webkinz. You can get cute little plush versions of nearly any animal: cocker spaniels, raccoons, guinea pigs, arctic foxes, canaries, and even mythical creatures like pink ponies and dragons. They also make Lil’ Kinz, which are even more adorable.

It is important to note that some animals “retire” so better buy your favorites when you see them because they might not be around forever.

If your kid is really Webkinz crazy, you can buy jewelry, lipgloss, school supplies, trading cards, ornaments, figurines and even body spritz. You can get pet carriers to be cool like the stars.
Kids love these cute toys and you will love the lessons they learn as they care for their Webkinz. Webkinz offers a chance to join the virtual and the real worlds, to mix fantasy with reality, and they are adorable.

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