WARNING: By using the following technique you are violating user policy and may forfeit your Webkinz World account.

As you all know, Webkinz World is still down for maintenance and we have no idea when it will be coming back online. Much to my surprise, I have stumbled upon a backdoor link that will launch Webkinz World and allow you to log in.

Clicking that link will launch the login screen, but before you do take all this info into consideration.

First, you may experience problems launching that link with Firefox. Internet Explorer works best.

Second, this method is not endorsed by Ganz and may result in forfeiture of your account.

Third, the reason why Ganz doesn’t want you to login with this method is because it interrupts their testing process. While they are ironing out the Webkinz glitches, logging in through the backdoor may cause more glitches and prolong the maintenance period.

Why am I telling you this information?

I don’t believe in hiding this information. I have told you all the pros and cons of using this method and you can use it at your own risk.

3 Responses to “GLITCH: Access Webkinz World Through The Backdoor”
  1. how?? says:

    how do u do the glitch?? u said pros n cons but not how 2

  2. MIKE PUGH says:


  3. Boom Boom Butt789 says:

    Oh, I see what you’re saying, What do you mean by webkinz world forfitting your account?

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