Hello Webkinz Fans! For those of you out there still trying to solve the spiny spruces recipe, you can look for another challenge, or come up with one that will leave all the willing contestants searching for answers. The secret formula was unraveled by one of our members, after two long years of searching and waiting. The yellow picnic basket is lined with a red and white checked cloth, which is visible from the long sides. In the basket are at least eight differently colored balls that have spikes on them. The spikes are not harmful to the touch; in addition, they are gentle to the touch.

Since there was one member, who solved the spiny spruces recipe in 1999, our member becomes the second one to be able to unravel the mystery. The first individual to unravel the mystery never posted the recipe where the public is able to see it. The recipe consists of the following products, coconut, Kiwi, and Almonds.This recipe was very frustrating to all the chefs and if one decided to come up with the recipe through the elimination method, it would take them over 152,096 combinations. This method would take a lot of time, in addition, those who are weak in mathematics would get lost in the numbers.

For the chefs out there willing to try to unravel a recipe mystery, ‘Webkinz’ or the ‘Webkinz recipes cookbook provide you with the adventure you are looking for. In either of the two locations, one is bound to find a good number of solved recipes and unsolved ones as well.

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