Now pay attention because this is one of the best Webkinz Cheat Codes that I have come across. I am going to show you how to get unlimited wishes on the Webkinz Wishing Well game. You can use this cheat over and over until you get 3 wishing wells in the middle row.

Ok, here is how to perform the Wishing Well cheat.

  • First, go to the arcade and click on the Webkinz Wishing Well game
  • Second, click the Make Wish button
  • Now, pay attention to the middle row and see if 3 wishing wells appear
  • If the 3 wishing wells do not appear, then click the “X” in the right hand corner to exit the game
  • It is very important to click out of the game before all the images appear. If you wait too long the wish will register and you will lose a wish.
  • After you have clicked out of the game, go back into it. If you performed the cheat code correctly you will see that you still have 5 wishes
  • You can keep performing this cheat until you get the Kinz cash or the prizes you want
  • Once 3 in a row appear like you want in the middle row, you must let all the images appear. If you click out too soon you will lose the money you made or the prize you got.
  • So there you have it, how to get unlimited wishes on Webkinz Wishing Well

Watch this video to see the cheat code in action. The camera is shaky, but if you pay attention you can see exactly how the cheat is performed. Like I said, you can continue performing this cheat until you get 3 wishing wells.

25 Responses to “Unlimited Wishes on Webkinz Wishing Well Game”
  1. Desi says:

    oooooooooooooh ok

  2. webkinzlover505 says:

    Cool, but you could get suspended from webkinz for doing that.

  3. Rukia says:

    this is sweet!

  4. bob says:

    would u relly get suspended?

  5. emily says:

    that is so cool and it is easy to do!

  6. brigitte says:

    SSSSOOOO! i still do not get it? and i am 10 1/2

  7. BRIGITTE says:



  8. cournty says:

    make more cheats there cool.

  9. Crybaby says:

    You really shouldn’t cheat. What’s the point of playing a game if you’re only going to cheat? How can you feel any sense of accomplishment?

  10. Another Crybaby says:

    Cheeting is not a good thing don`t ya kno god iz wachen ya!

  11. Ashley says:

    this works, HOWEVER:
    You need to take a look at you money in the wishes box. When you x-out, you do NOT get your money back whatsoever, so if you plan on earning anything from this, you should do it without cheating

  12. yti says:

    come on guys, you shoudnt cheat on games. it is not right. I could even call electronic police!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. gersito says:

    i can keep on doing five wishes without doing that

  14. lilj247 says:

    you should NOT cheat even if it does give you what you want in the end, I mean what if you do get suspended would it realy be worth it then?

  15. Luthor says:

    This was fixed a few weeks back. The counter now triggers at the beginning of each wish… so you only get 5 wishes max, the way you’re SUPPOSED to play.

  16. Lily2247 says:

    Websites create the cheats and people who find them use them. that is their choice and if websites don’t want people cheating the shouldn’t create cheats

  17. amanda says:

    you are so right lily2247.Websites create the cheats and people who find them use them. that is their choice and if websites don’t want people cheating the shouldn’t create cheats.

  18. lyndsey says:

    you did not tell us what to do

  19. Rachel says:

    i don’t get it. isn’t that just someone sending you stuff

  20. HogansHeroesNewkirkluvr says:

    Cheatin is agents the roles! or not but its not good and still i wont cheet!
    Im a christian!
    thats all i can say and im 12.

  21. :) says:

    who ever said chating is not right there right!
    u shouldn’t cheat!!!!!!!!! . . . . :)

  22. Maddie says:

    You’re right :) says

  23. Wsup says:

    Wow you guys are like little sissies……seriously! who cares if it’s bad to cheat….it’s just a frikin game. Besides it gets boring if you don’t hit the jackpot and stuff!!! BTW thnx for the cheats!!! =D

  24. webkinzluver says:

    i know right! wsup you got the spirit! haha lol u r sooooo right! hehehe : )

  25. i like papayas! says:

    Whoever said cheating isn’t a bad thing sounds like they’re on drugs.

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