Hello Webkinz fans! It looks like another great mystery has been solved here in Webkinz! The secret recipe of Wanapaneer has finally been solved by Webkinz member, monkeecj! Congratulations for discovering the secret recipe for all of us, and got the first Secret Chef Trophy to boot. You really deserved that trophy! In addition to that, monkeecj has been awarded the title of Super Chef, as he has been doing for years now, solving all those secret recipes for us. It can be made by mixing Cantaloupe, Croissant, and Cheeses in the blender. Who would have known it was that simple!

To top that, monkeecj tells us that this has been the highest number of solved recipes for a long time. A whopping 6 recipes in just one month! This has happened only twice in Webkinz history, the other instance was way back 2008. It was also on the same month of August so maybe there is a connection or just a big coincidence? Well it doesn’t matter that much now as we celebrate monkeecj’s 6th solved recipe for August of 2011. We have him to thank for all that. There’s still a few days left for this month so maybe we’ll have more recipes solved and may even break the record!

Well as maybe many of you are not aware but these secret recipes dates back almost when Webkinz was launched. Over the  years, there has been about 100 or more recipes released and many are still waiting to be solved. For many players there who want to be like monkeecj and Lucy Hippo who solved a lot of secret recipes, there are still many recipes that you can solve on your own and perhaps be recognized as well so don’t give up!

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