During Webkinz World site maintenance, they added 5 new clothing machine recipes that are just waiting to be solved.

  • Alpine Hat
  • Bright Spies Trench Coat
  • Sweet Dreams Bathrobe
  • Tabby’s Glasses
  • Wild Watermelon Shirt

If you solve any of them, be sure to post in the comments so I can update with the recipe.

129 Responses to “Five New Clothing Machine Recipes Added To Webkinz World”
  1. hoo says:

    Watermelon hat=
    Green Layered tee
    Red bow
    Euripean flared shades

    Star hat=
    Purple mod hat
    star fly pants
    and wizard hat

    Hope this helps!

  2. Ella says:

    Strawberry Hat

    Green Layered Tee
    European Flare Shades
    Red Bow

    Highland Kilt

    Funky Plaid Hat
    Kilt Skirt
    Purple Kilt

    Sweet Dreams Bathrobe

    Thick-Knit Sweater
    Fuzzy Slippers
    Yoga Pants

    Patched Denim Jacket

    Green Layered T-Shirt
    Purple Layered T-Shirt

    Glass Slippers

    Funky Girl Glasses
    Ruby Slippers
    Princess Hat

    Cowgirl Dress

    Cowboy Hat
    Cow Poke Top
    Smocked Sundress

    Wizard’s Apprentice Robe

    Academy Sweater
    Tuxedo Pants
    Wizard’s Hat

    Toy Soldier Coat

    Captain Dogbeard’s Coat
    Mod Jacket
    Red Sneakers


    White Jeans
    Kinzville Academy Skirt
    Flip Flops

    Toy Soldier Hat

    Party Hat
    Funky Plaid Hat
    Dude Hat

    Tie Dye Top

    Purple Pajama Top
    Blue and Yellow Fleece
    Flower Power Swimsuit Top

    Sparkly Silver Suit Pants

    Tan Suit Pants
    Sparkly Pink Bow
    Tuxedo Shoes

    Detective Cap

    Blue Ball Cap
    Tan Suit Jacket
    Red Ball Cap

    Seaside Sarong


    Stunning Kimono

    Chalk Flower Top
    Bright Green Swim Trunks
    Smocked Sundress

    Prismatic Dress


    Highland Jacket and Top


    Alpine Hat


    Bright Spies Trench Coat

    Cowboy Hat
    Dark Shades
    Wing Tip Shoes

    Tabby’s Glasses


    Wild Watermelon Shirt


  3. Ella says:

    That waz an angel!!! Cute

  4. amyluver99 says:

    OMG i had 4956 coins AND I SPENT THEM ALL ON THE RECIPES!! LOL NOW I HAVE 2744 but my cousin is good at playing these games! :D

  5. Heyy Its Me:) says:

    Heyy Everyone! Strawberry Hat Recipe Is…..

    European Flare Shades
    Red Bow
    Green Layered Tee
    It Works:D Hope This Helped Ppl!
    -Heyyyyy Its Me

  6. aeropostalegirl234 (my username) says:

    i know the groovy retro pants!!!! :D :D :D chalk flower top, cuffed jeans, and rainbow boots. i’m pretty sure

  7. sfh4299 says:

    if some one tells me the amswar to the five new resipes any of them i will be your firend in webkinz world and send you a gift promis and i never brack my proimis EVER just ask my firends in webkinz . SFH4299

  8. gia says:

    u cant make a fairy princess ball gown i have it it appears as a special item on certain days!!!!!!

  9. sfh4299 says:

    seere if you know the sirt will you tell me ill give you a recipe you whant the know :)

  10. KAYKAY says:

    I know the retro jeans combo. Ask me if you want. I may not be on for awhile, but still…

  11. KAYKAY says:

    HAY I could probably send you the thing but yeah

  12. KAYKAY says:

    I’m awesome. Just saying.

  13. KAYKAY says:

    HAY does anyone know the combo for the watermelon shirt? Don’t blame me for asking, it’s just that it’s cool, you know what I’m sayin?

  14. KAYKAY says:

    I know the recipe for all the available ones. Ask me.

  15. Steph says:

    hello, there well i know the recipe too the new groovy pants we should all complaint to webkinz so they will tell us… this is frustrating us all this is bogus

  16. 4MARIE(webkinzuser) says:

    Groovy Retro Jeans=
    Chalk Flower Top
    Cuffed Jeans
    Rainbow Boots
    NO JOKE!!!!!! try it if you don’t believe me and if you add me in webkinz (4MARIE is my user) my samoyed pet is wearing the jeans so HA

  17. ADD says:

    Strawberry hat is Green Layered Tee European Flare Shades Red Bow
    Hope I helped!

  18. kat says:

    Hey guys! Got some recipes!

    *Starry Starry Hat-Wizard Hat, Star Fly Pants, Purple Mod Hat

    *Prismatic Dress-Dude Hat, Flower Power Swimsuit Top, Wide Tan Pants

    *Groovy Retro Jeans-Chalk Flower Top, Rainbow Boots, Cuffed Jeans

  19. maymay says:

    her is the recipe for strawberry hat (its scrambled)
    * gerne lyedeae ete
    * uoeparne alerf hdseas
    * edr wob

    if you want any of the below you have to add me as a friend

    * Toga
    * Stunning Kimono
    * Bright Spies Trench Coat
    * sparkly tuxedo shirt and pants

    here is my username: Detective304
    hope this helps :) :) :) :)

  20. random123 says:

    to get the bright spies trench coat is

    coboy hat

    dark shades

    wing tip shoes

    if thats all you need plz add me my username is leanne098765432 plz add me :)

  21. random123 says:

    if you want a stunning kimono you will need the following

    chalk flower top

    bright green swim trunks

    smocked sundress

    plz plz plz add me PLZ

  22. random123 says:

    sparkley silver suit pants

    tan suit pants

    sparkly pink bow

    tuxedo shoes

    hehe :)

  23. random123 says:

    tomake glass slippers you will need…

    funky girl glasses

    ruby slippers

    princess hat

  24. tina says:

    i want the recapies for stuff i want to trick people in the trding room

  25. egfabby says:

    Glass Slippers:
    Funky Girl Glasses
    Ruby Slippers
    Princess Hat

  26. tutu says:

    wow this is awsome

  27. bnh123456 says:

    does any one know how to make the princess ball gown?? I realllllllllllllllllllly need to know.

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