The Webkinz Clothing Machine Recipe for the Cowgirl Dress requires the following ingredients:

  • Cowboy Hat
  • Cowboy Shirt
  • Sundress

Put those clothes in the webkinz clothing machine and enjoy your new piece of clothing.

63 Responses to “Webkinz Clothing Machine Recipe – Cowgirl Dress”
  1. BLUECEP says:

    kittylover is right i tried it twice and i got patchwork clothes

  2. Abbster says:

    do you have any more recipes can you start to post all of them how do you get that watermelon thing its so cool can you please help me:)

  3. teresa;p says:

    hey its a cowpoke shirt not cowboy shirt

  4. Pkate99 says:

    okay i have the recipe- smocked dress+ cow poke top+ cowboy hat= cowgirl dress!! :)

  5. Pkate99 says:

    a lot of people say it doesnt work but i does i promise. I litterally just tried it!! :)

  6. webkinzrcool says:

    how do you get a cowgirl hay?

  7. webkinzrcool says:

    how do you get a cowgirl hat? please tell me.

  8. webkinzrcool says:

    i need a fairy princess dress recipe that works. type back 18er

  9. MICO says:


  10. i know some clothing recipes for webkinz! says:

    Hey guys!
    i know how to make the toy solider coat and hat! toy solider coat:red sneakers, mod jacket and captain dogbeard’s coat. toy solider hat:party hat, dude hat and funky plaid hat. I also know how to make the Detective Cap, and Tie Dye Top, Toga and the Sparkly Silver Suit Pants. Detective Cap:Blue Ball Cap, Tan Suit Jacket and Red ball cap. Tie Dye Top: Purple Pajama Top, Blue and Yellow Fleece and Flower Power Swimsuit Top. Toga:White Jeans, Kinzville Academy Skirt and Flip Flops. Sparkly Silver Suit Pants: Tan Suit Pants, Sparkly Pink Bow and Tuxedo Shoes.
    oh yeah just before i forget the seaside thingy that daisycrazy sended was WRONG and the Glittering gold dress that KATHLEEN made was also WRONG!

    bye guys!

  11. gab says:

    what is the cowboy shirt!

  12. meadow says:

    hi. I am really looking for the gold and silver dress. Please help me find the recipe to it. I really need it for the beauty pageant coming up next week, i am in it. please tell me asap. thanks :(

  13. Veronica says:

    hi peeps who knows the clothing machine recipe for the silver tux suit jacket? i am seriously begging i have searched for hours who knows the recipe?

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