Here is the Webkinz Clothing Machine recipe that lets you make Glass Slippers.

Put the following clothes in the clothing machine:

  • Funky Girl Glasses
  • Princess Hat
  • Ruby Slippers

Hope you enjoy your new clothing item.

196 Responses to “Webkinz Clothing Machine Recipe – Glass Slippers”
  1. cooper says:

    have you found out how to make the sparkly jacket.

  2. Jess says:

    I know how to make cool stuff(below are recipes)
    Silver Sparkle Pants: tan suit pants+sparkly pink bow+ tuxedo shoes
    Tie dye top: purple pj top+blue and yellow fleece+flower power swim suit top
    toga:white jeans+academy skirt+ flip flops
    toy soldier coat: dogbeard coat+ mod jacket+ red sneakers
    toy soldier hat: party hat+ plaid hat+dude hat
    Wizard Apprentice robe: academy sweater+ tuxedo pants+ wizard hat
    Cowgirl dress:cowboy hat+ cowpoke top+ sundress
    Detective hat:tan suit jacket+blue ball cap+red ball cap
    Glass slippers: funky girl glasses+ ruby slippers+ princess hat

    Enjoy! these are all proven to work!!!!!!!!!

  3. dddfddg says:

    whatever they don’t work

  4. dddfddg says:

    just kidding they do

  5. brie says:

    give us some new recpies

  6. olivia says:

    show us full outfits i need to finish my patchwork

  7. Abbster says:

    can you please give us some new ones these sre all old

  8. yo yo yo yo yo yo yo says:

    those are all of the recipies that we all know. but here is a recipy, the recipy for a fairy dress. now thats a recipy.

  9. micayla says:

    i really need the top to the sparkle pants! if anyone knows the recipe please Please PLEASE post it!!!!

  10. webkinzRock368 says:

    serosly Dude! those recipes are boring!!! everyone says! com up with something new! ill be waiting!

  11. jgig says:

    try a yellow rincoat jacket and flip flops and a skirt i don’t knoe which skirt but have a go at all of them

    x x x x x

  12. hmmm says:

    I know one the green layerded tee and the purple layerded tee and the jeans

  13. kumari says:


  14. dark hunter says:

    Good work, but there are still many more unsolved clothing items. How about you start working on figuring out those. By the way, you really did not need to type all of the recipes because there are like 100 other websites that have already done that.

  15. noname says:

    patched denim jacket

    green layered tee

    purple layered tee


  16. Cluadia says:

    So thats notting………..

    Everyone knows that
    that is so boring

  17. peace3678 says:

    always check the kinstyle outlet for the speacial clothing thats on the front desk

  18. eliza says:

    well thx everyone this is SO HELPFUL YAY well i dont know any just thote id say thx for everything

  19. smartypants says:

    Come on. I heard someone say fairy dress was yellow rain coat, dude hat and sparkly pink bow. It’s not. I tried on my other account

  20. Water Skier says:

    smarty pants you jave to buy in the specials section in the kinville outlet

  21. alice says:

    hey does anyone know a recepie for a ball gown or something like that?

  22. cocoshine12 says:

    hi guys can you add me . my user is cocoshine12 On webkinz. I know a recipe for clothes its called sweet dreams bathrobe. Here it is
    1 yoga pants
    2 thick-knit sweater
    3 fuzzy slippers
    here u all go have fun
    ohh and btw sry ifs already up there lol :)
    i didnt check Lol Byee :) im getting a black n white cheeky puppy i dont know if i want the code

  23. cocoshine12 says:

    ohh and fairy ball gown u cant make it .
    its on PJs Sale

    i have it but dont want it BYe email me if you want to trade at

  24. dania says:

    i know the recipie for the highland kilt its:

    kilt skirt, purple kilt skirt and funky plaid

    hat hope this helps!

    you can add me im my username is dmehmod

  25. justin bieber fan says:

    hey ppl i have the fairy ball gown dress if you want to trade it with me then you have to add me on your webkinz cellaphone my username is xxfroggyrocks
    if any of you guyz have the gold dress i would love to trade it with you

  26. kate says:

    I know 2 othr
    recipes! And I’m not telling them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;.)

  27. kate says:

    P.S. they are new AND THEY ARE REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. kate says:

    I am waiting for a reply I WILL BE HERE ALL DAY!

  29. greenie says:

    dose anyone know how to make the yellow skirt with pink poka-dots? if you do PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!
    i need to know…i really want to know!!! =D

  30. cydney lycans says:

    fairy dress not a reicep

  31. I AM... says:


    -chalk flower top
    -bright green swim trunk
    -smocked sundre


    -cowboy hat
    -dark shades
    wing tip shoes

    (i dont know if it works…)

  32. amy says:

    we need some new recipes i mean ones that not anyone knows

  33. webkinz lovar says:

    i know how to make sparkly silver pants,cowgirl dress,toga,toy soldier hat,wizards apprentice robe,tie dye top,and dective hat.

  34. noclue says:

    if u want to make a strawberry hat u will need green layerd tee+european flare shades+red bow.

  35. Abby says:

    hi people I know how to make a kimono,Smocked sundress,chalk flower top, bright green swim trunks
    Hope that helps

  36. haven says:

    kate ill do anything PLZ GIVE ME THE CODES

  37. karina says:

    I know the recipe for the Prismatic dress!!!!
    Here’s what you need:
    1.) Dude hat
    2.)Flower power swimsuit top
    3.)Wide tan pants
    Hope this helped oyu only heard it from me!!!!

  38. hoo says:

    Hey the prismatic dress is
    *Dude hat
    *Flower power swimsuit top
    *wide tan pants

    Hope this helped!!!

  39. annabelle says:

    I can’t believe that webkinz even exists It’s so much fun i love it

  40. annabelle says:


  41. annabelle says:


  42. lady gaga lover says:

    wow I love webkinz its like my life if I diden’t have webkinz I would be dead by now (not for real)

  43. annabelle says:


  44. sfh4299 says:

    hello :)

  45. sfh4299 says:

    so do you know any new recipes like the sea side strong or the wild water melon shirt that you cold tell me :)

  46. chris says:

    i know the recipe for prismatic dress!!!!!!!!! :)

    1. dude hat
    2. flower power swinsuit top
    3. wide tan pants

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