The Webkinz Clothing Machine Recipe for the Patched Denim Jacket requires the following ingredients:

  • Green Layered Tee
  • Jeans
  • Purple Layered Tee

Also, check out the recipe for Wizard’s Apprentice Robe.

28 Responses to “Webkinz Clothing Machine Recipe – Patched Denim Jacket”
  1. Rose says:

    you should make a vampire outfit for the kinzstyle outlet clothing machine!

  2. ashley says:

    this is the stupidist idea ever

  3. Victoria says:

    Hi, This page you have for the clothing machine, thank you very much for making it! my friends wonder where the heck do i get the cool mystery items. it is so cool! thanks again, Victoria <3


    I cant believe you people waste your lives and money on some retarded website

  5. SAmmi says:

    Look webkinz is fun and your just so uncool to admit it so you have no life iDiot like the page but YOU PEOLE HAVE NO LIVES IS THE UNCOOL ONE AND THE IDIOT
    TAKE THAT IDIOT! /”"/ .) :) >(<>

  6. Emily says:

    Don’t forget Toga:item 1. White Jeans item 2.Kinzvillle Academy skirt item 3.Flip flops

  7. Amber says:

    It works! thanks!

  8. matthew says:

    I love the website good luck make more websites.have to go I will come back.

  9. Bianca says:


  10. Some People says:

    Hi Everyone, Listen Some People Love These Tooys I Have 54 Of Them But Some People Dont So Dont Make Fun Of People Cuz They Do! And Thanx FOr Making This Page It Helps ALOT! Thanx And Keep Adding!

  11. daniel a.k.a cool dude says:

    this is a stupid idea DON’T DO IT

  12. POO says:

    YOU ARE RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. JOHN a.k.a cool dude says:

    this is a stupid idea DO NOT DO IT

  14. player says:

    i have 54 and yall should really just shut up and if you dont like it then keep your feelings to yourself

  15. >w says:

    So what if its retarded,stupid,lame,boring,waste of time, money and every
    if you think its soo stupid then why even post
    it’s a waste of time for you also :l
    keep it to yourself if your just gonna be rude

    I have a couple of webkinz >www<

  16. webby says:

    ugg i got so mad i made a stupid patch work hat out of my santa outfits!

  17. joe jonas says:

    sdcalie10123 is nick jonas’s webkinz he tried to disguise himself by the username add him

  18. webkinz1698 says:

    the clothing machine recipies really help me with 98 webkinz so i need a lot of clothes

  19. Taylor says:

    I have 80 webkinz and keep track of them all the time

  20. heather says:


  21. olivia says:

    i just love the glass slippers and also how do you make the fairy night gown dress

  22. Nancy Drew says:

    Can someone please help me with the mask? Please! I know how to make all the others. If u send me something i like i will send you the lemonade stand my username is dogfins

  23. Nancy Drew says:

    Ok here is won the detective hat is
    1.Blue Ball Cap
    2.Red Ball Cap
    3.Tan Suit Jacket
    If u need any more please let me know and i will help u. :) :D :)

  24. Nancy Drew says:

    Also I would luv it if u guys could tell me when the collie has a special item for sale. :D Thx i will reward the 1st person with a rare item to tell me :D :) while the others will have to wait until my next quest! :P

  25. Nancy Drew says:


  26. abbie says:

    please help me out! i need the sparkly suit shirt i have the pants but only need the shirt, PLEASE

  27. tori says:

    I wish i had a webkinz, my mom might take me to the store today to get one (:D) ’cause i am like OBSESSED!! I’m always online on ebay and amazon looking for one and i’ve made a list of the one’s i want. i won’t name them though ’cause there is like 20+ on there. I used to have an account but it expired like a year ago. Whoops…

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