The Toy Soldier Coat clothing machine recipe has been solved. Here are the items required to make it.

  • Dogbeard’s Coat
  • Mod Jacket
  • Red Sneakers

36 Responses to “Webkinz Clothing Machine Recipe – Toy Soldier Coat”
  1. kirsten says:

    this is useless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. paolla =* says:

    no waaaay!!! its prfect!!!!!

  3. alice says:

    i lso discovered the patched denim jacket:
    green layered tee
    purple layered tee it rox!

  4. desiree says:

    alice there was an add on webkinz that said the patched denim jacket!!!

  5. MIranda says:

    This is a great website to get ideas, but i made all of them i need more recipes!!!! :D

  6. Dakota says:

    i know the soilder hat
    dude hat
    party hat
    plaid funky hat

  7. Karissa says:

    This is a great idea i mean i’m in 6th grade and used to never get on webkinz anymore untill this came up!!!! :D

  8. Karissa says:

    :D :) ;) ;D lolz (lol)

  9. melody says:

    hey this is stupid oh and peeps add me on webkinz k? Maltbie9 thats it add me guyssssssss

  10. juicy says:

    wow this helped a lot….how do you get a gold dress without trading with somebody? plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i want to fkn know!

  11. mystery says:

    carter8520 on webkinz is famous! I just found that out yesterday from my friend. If you mail them an exclusive item they give you 3 exclusive items back! It really works! I did it on all 5 of my accounts!

  12. Alyssa says:

    I discovered the “Pachwork Pants” use:

    >Princess Hat
    >Ballerina Leotard Top
    >Smoked Sundress

  13. AW4321 says:

    patchwork pants can be ANYTHING!

  14. Bailey says:

    Does anyone know the toy soldier pants

  15. mikey says:

    dose someone know how to make silver suit pants

  16. lula says:

    hey gold dress is
    % blue jeans
    % sun dress
    % academy sweater

  17. U WISH says:

    I love the recipes but i already knew how to make them TELL ME SOME MORE LOL PeAcE oUt =~D

  18. poplica says:

    The glass slippers are:

    >princess hat
    >ruby shoes
    >heart glasses

    This really works. And these slippers are the most amazing thing i have EVER

  19. karissa says:

    hey other karissa im karissa too and im in 4th grade thats kinda weird cuz i never heard of somebody named karissa and spelled the same way soo thats cool

  20. Hailey says:

    gees someone got mad juicy

  21. rach9799115 says:

    COME ON GET SOME more lolo peace out

  22. peoplez says:

    i want moreresipies! please! i have the cow girl dress,glass slipers,toy soldier hat,tie dye top,sparkly suit pants,toy soldier coat,toga,patched denim jaket,detecdive hat, and the gold dress. but is there any more solved? please help!!!!

  23. Pan787 says:

    Please tell me how to make the silver dress,mermaid costume,red dotty party dress,wedding dress,purple summer dress,pretty rose dress,pinck butterfly dress,pretty prom dress,Queen costume,princess dress,Charmed dress,Venetian mask,and the party hat!!!!!!!!!!!!!If you do I will send you a invatation to a party,a dress that you want or outfit if you are not a girl,and a cool suprise gift!!PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!My user name is pan787

  24. Pan787 says:

    what I mean by not a girl is if you are not a girl you will get a boy outfit.

  25. Pan787 says:

    Peoplz please tell me how to make the gold dress

  26. doggy4 says:

    i am having trouble making a gold dress. please help

  27. jenny says:

    they need to come up with more recipes for the clothes

  28. Rebbeca says:

    this website is useless because my pet is a lionfish and i cant wear everything on the website except for the detective hat oh and also add me on webkinz!!!! my name is sunshine5524!

  29. kristalyn says:

    add me on webkinz my user is kristalynstarkitty55 :) by da way im in 6th grade lol ya

  30. m says:

    please add me ………………. snowflakewd is my user on webkinz

  31. m says:

    snowflakewd is famous……………… send her shuts ears and torn or rock and she will give you a webkinz pond

  32. snowflakewd says:

    what is gold dress combination, add me and did you know i’m very popular if you send me rock, torn, shuts, pet coat, ears,dj head set and more of the coolest clothes out there she will give you a spectacular surprise. add me as snowflakewd on webkinz!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. snowflakewd says:

    pan787 i will give you a venation mask if you promise to send back the coolest clothes out in webkinz i want what is listed above and three of them

  34. carmynn says:

    hey could you guys tell me how to make gold dress?

  35. peanuts says:

    the sparkly pants are sparkly bow tan suit pants and tuxedo shoes

  36. dinosaur says:

    make more clothes

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