1181795_girls_little_jobI love clothes. I have always loved clothes. When I was little my favorite thing about all dolls was their clothing. It was fun to dress them in new outfits. Every time my parents would take me to the toy store, I always wanted a new outfit for my dolls. To me, the clothes were so much better than the dolls. Today kids may not be playing with Barbies like I was, but they are playing with their Webkinz stuffed animals.

The coolest part about these animals is that they also exist in a virtual world. And, when your kids play online with the animals they can have fun dressing them. There are tons of different outfits online to choose from. It is basically a virtual shopping mall or virtual closet for the Webkinz doll.

However, what happens when you turn off the computer and the clothes disappear? What if your child would really like to dress up their stuffed animal in the clothes they were wearing online? The good news is they are available for purchase! They exist in the real world as well!! You can buy them on Amazon and eBay. Start shopping today and pick out your favorite outfits.

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