Just a reminder, the Webkinz Hippo Charm Code Contest ends tomorrow, so if you want to enter be sure to do so soon.

Also, if you have subscribed to Webkinz World by e-mail YOU MUST VERIFY YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS. If you do not verify your e-mail address then your entry does not count.

What do I mean by VERIFY YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS? When you subscribe you should get a confirmation e-mail. There is an activation link you must click in the e-mail to be counted as an active subscriber. So if you haven’t verified your e-mail then your entry won’t count. I want everyone’s entry to count so be sure to verify.

The contest ends tomorrow and the winner will be announced on Tuesday.

5 Responses to “Hippo Charm Code Contest Ends Tomorrow”
  1. webkinznotes says:

    hi i added u to my blogroll list!!!

  2. webkinznotes says:

    so what do i have to do to enter the contest?

  3. webkinznotes says:

    just comment or what??

  4. Webkinz says:

    adding me to your blogroll gives you one entry. if you comment and say why you should win the charm you will get 2 entries.

  5. Carolyn Jasper says:

    I am not sure if I am doing this right, I want to leave a comment so I can be entered in the contest for the Hippo char. I do not so much want it for me as for my daughter. She is eight and loves Webkinz so I joined as a way to keep her and I close by having something she loves in common and it has so far worked. I bought her two charms for Christmas and now she is on a charm hunt so this would be perfect for her. BTW, this sight is awesome, we come here all the time to get the newest recipes and notices of contests. I am actually thinking of purchasing some of the newer webkinzs using your sight to locate them, it just seems easier than finding a store in Shreveport, LA that has the ones we want. Thanks for the informational sight.

    Sorry but the contest ended a long time ago. The charm code was given out a few months back.

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