The following items will be available this Super Sunday, October 4th, 2009 in the Webkinz eStore:


  • Cotton Candy Sheep, Opal Pup

Exclusive Items:

  • Antique Column, Solid Gold Candelabra, Thinking Cap, Fountain of WOW, Jelly Bean Plant Seeds, Circus Bleachers, Floor & Wallpaper Sets

Fairy Falls Charms

  • Panda, Yorkie, Black and White Cat, Pig

Magic Mire Charms

  • Door, Pixie Pod, Pink Poodle, Lion, Koala, Dalmatian, Husky, Beagle


  • Read All About It Brown Cow

Deluxe Advantage

  • Purple Monster, Cotton Candy Tree, Gorilla, Unicorn, Ski-In-Style Himalayan Cat

Webkinz Clothing Machine Recipes

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