Head over to the Ganz eStore this Super Sunday and browse exclusive pets, exciting deals, and brand new items available. Here are some of the items available today.


New Items

  • Internal Reflections Pool
  • Dearly Devoted Dress
  • Love Bird Lake

Featured Items

  • Cupid’s Shimmering Spring
  • Sweetheart Symphony Piano
  • Flower Power Modular sofa
  • Flower Power Expansion
  • Sparkling Tiara
  • Princess Costume Set
  • Butterfly Castle Floor/Wallpaper Set
  • Fountain of WOW
  • Fairy Falls Charms: ALL assorted charms
  • Magic Mire Charms: ALL assorted charms
  • Woodland Wonders Figure: ALL figures

Deluxe Advantage Items

  • Mighty Ming Bed
  • Red Ming Lantern
  • Descendants of Dragon Statue
  • Ming Chau Gong
  • Ming Sovereign Sofa
  • Ming Chi Coffee Table
  • Webkinz Love Dino
  • Webkinz Fire Fawn
  • Queen Costume Set
  • King Costume Set
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