Hello Webkinz Tips fans! Just one week ago, Webkinz released a new game in the Webkinz Arcade called “Flutterbugged”. This game has been the buzz in the arcade since its release and many people find it fun and very challenging.

However, players still haven’t got the Flutterbugged trophy despite relentless efforts. Usually, one day after the release of a game in the Webkinz Arcade, someone would get the trophy right after away. But this time, it looks like the game is proving very difficult as people continued to play and still no sign of the trophy.

Players obtained a Flutterbugged badge when they reached 2500 points and was expecting to get the trophy by around 5000 points. However, even the Webkinz leading player of Flutterbugged, monkeecj, still hasn’t got the trophy. Monkeecj currently has 6175 points.

People have been talking about the mysterious Flutterbugged trophy and are speculating that the trophy can be obtained by 7500 points to around 10,000 points. It may even be a random trophy, meaning it may be a chance trophy so watch out Flutterbugged players! We will give you the latest updates on how to get the mysterious Flutterbugged trophy as soon as possible.

Stay tuned to Webkinz Tips for more updates about your prized Flutterbuged trophy!

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