Ganz has announced that a new Tournament Arena game will be coming to Webkinz World. This week you will be able to get a sneak peak at Duck Crossing.

Duck Crossing is a strategy game requiring each player to control a duck and move it from one end of a pond to the other. Each player controls their duck one turn at a time, and can strategically place reeds (like walls) to block their opponents moves.

The real trick to Duck Crossing is to know when to move your duck and when (and where) to place a reed. Reeds can be placed to block your opponent or to protect your own path. But be careful! It’s very easy to get yourself stuck if you spend too much time concentrating on only moving your duck or only placing reeds. Carefully choosing when to do what and reacting appropriately to your opponent will win you the game!

Also, another new arcade game will be showing up in the next few weeks. Sounds very cool!

Keep your eyes peeled for Duck Crossing in Webkinz World in the next few weeks, and check back here soon for a preview of another new upcoming Arcade game which will be the light at the end of the long winter season tunnel!


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