So I just tried the Webkinz login screen today and I was greeted with the following error message – “Warning: mcrypt_generic() [function.mcrypt-generic]: An empty string was passed in /var/web/r111u200908200900.Applications/LIB/plib.tea.2.php on line 15“.

The message appears as a green error message at the top of the screen. I have no clue what the problem is, but it appears that many other Webkinz users are experiencing the same thing. My guess is that one of the programmers for the game forgot to check his source code before finishing for the night and now we have this error message because of it. Hopefully all of this is fixed soon.

If you are experiencing this error to, please leave a comment letting everyone know what time you tried to log in and what internet browser you were using.

I tried to log in at 9:57 EST with the Firefox internet browser.

14 Responses to “Webkinz Login Problems Today”
  1. Janet Perugini says:

    I can’t even log into webkinz this has been going on for some time.

  2. Janet Perugini says:

    I keep having trouble getting into webkinz.What can I do?

  3. emmielib says:

    I am having the same problem…seems also when a lot of people use the site it slows down, stops in mid game or dies too

  4. SStephens says:

    I got the same thing 11:30 Central time, Oct. 3, 2009. Irritating.

  5. Susan says:

    I have been trying to log on for days. On the home page when you tap on LOGIN nothing happens. At the bottom of page a note pops up saying javascript:pW(‘LoadReturnerUser’); I have done some research and a lot of people have the same complaints. Some got rid of cookies and gave other suggestions. Nothing has helped me. I have tried everything.
    I have e-mailed the website, hoping for an answer soon! Not too happy about this. ) :

  6. Chelle says:

    We too have been trying to log in for days . When clicking the Log IN button nothing happens…..Very frustrating for kids and their parents alike. No email response from Ganz either..What is the deal???

  7. Chelle says:

    BTW we also have Webkinz JR and have had no problems with that site…crazy.

  8. Terri says:

    How in heck does one contact Ganz in order to complain about something not covered in their list of problems? I know they changed their tech problem access – now they just try to assure you it’s YOUR fault. I have thrice been kicked out of Webkinz upon clicking the prize door after collecting – for months – keys or Zums. Now I’ve lost interest in collecting anything, and my confidence in the creators is waning.

  9. bimbett says:

    Have been trying for 3 days either cant log in or get a please wait.

  10. bimbett says:

    I called webkinz today Nov.9,2009 I did find out if you have AVG as you anti virus and it is 9.0 you will NOT be able to log in or you will get the PLEASE WAIT. You can re down load the 8.5 AVG and you will be able to get in . Or you can keep the 9.0 and have toput your residenal virus on hold and the one right below it and youcan get into webinz. It works great now

  11. skylar says:

    i don’t.

  12. grace says:

    evary time i try 2 sell somthing all the stuff in my dock will go up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and its SSSSSUUUPPPPPPPPPPEEEEERRRRRRRR SLOW

  13. charlene says:

    cannot get into the webinkinzs website for almost a week . could you see if it is the website or my computor thank you

  14. Sophie ellen brownlie says:

    My Webkinz wont log in and i got the right info typed cos when i made a webkinz i wrote it down on laptop (post it notes) grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr please help

  15. Elden says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

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