Ganz has released brand new pictures of what Webkinz Jr will look like in their virtual world. Why am I saying “their virtual world” you might be wondering? Because Webkinz Jr will not be accessible in the regular Webkinz World. They will have their own world to play in.

Also, we now have the names of the new plush toys and they really aren’t that creative: Tan Puppy, Pink Puppy, Blue Puppy, Brown Monkey, Purple Monkey, and Orange Kitty.

Webkinz Jr Virtual Images

5 Responses to “Webkinz Jr. Virtual Pictures”
  1. smiley97 says:

    they r cute but 2 childish looking. u know?? 2 toodlerish lol but cool newz! :D

  2. Stephanie says:

    hello webkinz i am so totally your biggest fan i mean i have 36 webkinz and i am planning on getting my sister a webkinz jr for her birthday on april 5th

  3. d says:

    i love webkinz im there biggest fan i have 257 webkinz

  4. WebkinzLover says:

    I know there a litle childish but they say there for ages 3-6. But if you take the tour the map looks different, and they start yawning when there tired and they say, “Wee!” and wave there arms in the air. I want the monkey and the tan puppy. Well, really, I want them all.

  5. kailyn jolliff says:

    COOL!!!i am a very big fan of webkinz! plan to get one!

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