Remember when I reported on the Webkinz Spotted Leopard coming to Webkinz World? Well, it looks like it will be arriving in July.

However, that isn’t the only good news. It looks like 4 new Webkinz will be joining the Spotted Leopard, making a total of 5 new Webkinz coming in July.

The other new Webkinz are:

Webkinz Toco Toucan
Webkinz Crocodile
Webkinz Rottweiler
Lil’ Kinz Black and White Cheeky Dog

4 Responses to “5 New Webkinz in July”
  1. Carmen09 says:


  2. Jane Woodroam says:

    Ok, this is stupid. That was two YEARS AGO!!!! Put somthing NEW out. And yes, I mean somnething in 2010.

  3. estabon says:

    Yeah july 2010 is a pretty panda, border collie, misty puppy and red squirrel and for june is these pets Golden Pegasus, Red Panda, Chinchilla, Regular Signature Pomeranian, Small Signature Persian Cat, and Endangered Signature Clouded Leopard

  4. estabon says:

    and I think they have a regular sized webkinz signature persian cat I have the gold and white pegasus and just so you know its alot better than the sparkling pegasus (wings are bigger and more graphic)I think thats how you spell graphic)

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