Hello Webkinz Fans! Pollie Jean and her Clothing Machine have been very busy this week. All her clothing patterns, which also happen to be known as recipes, have raised considerable interest, particularly since the solutions for three of the items were recently reported in just a matter of a few days.

For anyone interested in solving patterns themselves, the Wiki or Clothing Machine Recipes section provides a wide selection of pictures of the unsolved patterns. An important point to remember is that front-page creditwill be given to the first person to post their solution. That person’s name will also be posted in the Wiki.

Among the list of unsolved patterns are:  Alpine Hat, Busy Artist Smock, Emerald Ski Jacket, Feather Light Shoes, Highland Jacket and Top, Jolly Jester’s Hat, Nice Neon Swimsuit, Seaside Sarong, Sparkly Silver Suit Jacket, Speedster Cap, Super Star Leggings, and Wild Watermelon Shirt.

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