Hello Webkinz fans! With the release of the new area in Webkinz, which is the Adventure Park, a lot of new and exciting things have come up. There are new areas to explore, new daily quests, mini quests, and a lot more. Another plenty thing that came with the new area are a lot of questions about Adventure Park. Many players were confused with the area and what to do inside, when the quests will be available, and how to do the daily quests there.

Well, Ganz has responded to the questions telling the players that the new areas will still have a lot more updates coming this month and places and quests still have a few bugs to fix. An example would be the mini quest you get when you adopt the Adventure Park Series Set. Whenever you are inside Adventure Park, this quest tells you that you can return to another day and get more digs. This is a bug and it really meant that you can get a partner to join you in your quests. You have to let your partner do the quests to get more digs. If someone sends you a mini quest, you will be able to use your extra digs. Ganz also tells in their message that the Quick Quests will be released on August 31, 2011.

I hope they get to fix these problems soon so people wouldn’t get confused. The new area will need more time to fix the bugs so we might just enjoy the new sights that Adventure Park brings. Have you tried to enter it? Try it and see what I mean, the place looks really great! Come there and have an adventure with your pets!

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