Hello Webkinz fans! Numerous complaints have been received over the past months regarding advertisements posted in Webkinz World. The complaints mainly addressed the fact that a number of the advertisements were not in relation to the age of the children accessing the website, and therefore not suitable.  Ganz has taken these complaints very seriously, and necessary action has been taken regarding this matter to ensure that children would not be exposed to and would not be able to access advertisements suitable for those of older ages.

As of today, steps have been taken to rectify this matter as effectively as possible and those visiting the website will be able to see that some of the advertisements in question have been replaced by text indicating the player’s age. A specimen of such replacement is shown below.

Action taken by Ganz includes ranking advertisements by third parties according to their age group suitability. This also includes blocking advertisements that are suitable for players older than the indicated age. In this way, the interests of younger children have been safeguarded by ensuring that they are not exposed to unsuitable material through Webkinz World.

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