Hey everyone, I check out this link. It lists every clothing machine recipe so far.

Webkinz Clothing Machine Recipes

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  1. sweety101 says:

    i have the fairyprincess gown i got it from the trading room for a wizards robe

  2. sweety101 says:

    i am so adding you for the water melon shit peace puppy XD

  3. webbies4eva says:

    I have 8 of the watermelon shirts they are sooooo easy to make but i can’t tell the recipe cuz i promised my bro but if you add me i’ll send you one my user is lizzie842

  4. petrockrocks says:

    hey hiya!, I would appreciate it if you could tell me those recipes. And also what is the thing that i would have to give you in return?

  5. nikkinat says:

    hy yall. webkinz is awesome.but all yall how dont have a webkinz acount u guys should get one i recomend getting these webkinz first,

    love puppy
    tawney pup
    serbert bunny
    see yall. later. peace out home dog :}

  6. nikkinat says:

    update on more webkinz to get

    and much more.

    but all yall should watch shake it up on disney channel. but hannah montana sucks. no afence to u peaple who like hannah montana

  7. nikkinat says:

    okey bella please just go play with yer barbies

  8. bella says:

    hey guys it s dora fan but i just want to say that nikki did a awesome trade. i hav the fairy ball gown hahahaha nanana poopo stick u head in doodo

  9. random123 says:

    i have these following recipes

    tie die shirt
    wizzard aprentance robe
    detectave hat
    sweat dreams bathrobe
    soldier caot and hat
    sparkly silver suit pants
    cowgirl dress
    glass slippers

    i have like 10 of each add me if you want any my username is leanne0987654321 so add me while you can

  10. smileydog89 says:

    hey the silver sparkled tuxedo top doesnt work. i got solar suit pants but i dont know if it was a recipe

  11. madeline t. says:

    here is the recipe for the detective coat:

    dark shades , wing tip shoes , and cow boy hat.

    starry starry hat; mod hat , starfly pants , and wizard hat

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