Hello Webkinz Fans! After the news that came in this morning, it has been noted with concern that many of our members have had questions concerning the new Adventure Park feature that was talked of through the announcement made earlier on this morning. Ameriwade’s representative (www.ameriwade.com) did some interviews with the sales representative from Ganz just a few moments ago, seeking for answers to these questions.

The news from the representative is that the Adventure Park pets do carry with them a single tag. This tag contains a certain code that is used in the Adoption Center. Whenever this code is entered, the player will now be given access to the virtual version of the pet. This is done only through activation via the Webkinz World. By doing so, the player will have access to the virtual adventure park created by Webkinz. According to the report, previously owned toys without the mark “Adoption Tag” were not to gain access to the park. This is not so.

In contrast to the announcement from Ameriwade, the news from Ganz is that all the pets that do not have the special tag will give players all necessary access to the Adventure Park. Therefore, all the owners of pets can now try out this cool feature. The only hitch that comes from owning these pets is that they have to be adopted after the addition of the pets to the Webkinz World.

The pets will be appearing in the stores by August 2011. All theAmeriwade items go for a flat rate of $5, and are available for pre-sale right now. Credit card holders will pay after the orders come through. Portions of sales from the Ameriwade Company will go into supporting the activities of Webkinz Insider.

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