Webkinz has a new challenge for us! If you like to play Cash Cow and earn trophies, then this is your chance! This weekend, we have to get 88,000,000 points from the game, Cash Cow. Ohh this should be very challenging so better wear your gaming gear on and practice before the weekend!

For those who haven’t tried playing Cash Cow but wants to take on the challenge, here’s a short tutorial. Playing Cash Cow is really simple. The game works like “Bejeweled” and “Tetris”. All you have to do is to click the bottles that are placed by groups of 3 or more. The bottles will continually stack up until it reaches the top and it will be game over. The objective of the game is to fill up the cow’s truck with money until the bottles stack up.

A lot of people love to play this game and the year Cash Cow Challenge had a higher score requirement of 230,000,000 to 260,000,000. I’m pretty sure many people will get the trophy for this weekend’s challenge! Good luck and have a fun weekend Webkinz fans!

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