Webkinz World is celebrating Christmas in a BIG way this year! Those of you that have been with us for a long time know that each Christmas you can spin the Super Wheel and get a special gift. That’s all still true, but this year you get to tell Santakinz what YOU want! Head on over to the Clubhouse and join the Santakinz room — click on Santakinz and line up to tell him which of three gifts you’d like to receive in your Christmas present this year! (And don’t forget to visit us on Christmas day to get your present.)

You may have seen Ms. Birdy in the Clubhouse, too — she’ll be returning to the Adoption Center today, but she’ll be back on December 14th. Ms. Birdy LOVES Christmas, and she’s going to help us celebrate this year! Starting on December 14th, Ms. Birdy will be giving one small gift each day — there are 12 gifts to collect! Ms. Birdy will be spending all day, every day from December 14th until the end of December 25th in the Clubhouse, so she won’t be hard to find. She only gives out one gift a day, so you’ll need to find her once a day for each of the 12 days to complete your collection.

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  1. ted longo says:

    My sister and I logged in today and didn’t get a christmas present box. Boo hoo.

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