Hello Webkinz Fans! For all those nature lovers, the cute green pet here above is bound to blow your mind away. These pets have really outdone themselves this time round.  From the pack, we can tell that our green friend is also in love with nature, judging from the plants all around him and the dragonfly that he is reaching out to hold. His cute little eyes and green spotted skin make the pet look even friendlier while his white belly and feet make you realize that this is a very clean frog, a perfect fit for your home or toy collection.

This is your opportunity to have this pet for yourself, since when pet lovers get their hands on it; you might have to wait until the next season to get your own. Upon close inspection of the pack, you are bound to realize that there is an “Adventure park” logo towards the bottom right hand side. This does not only appear on the pack of our green friend but also on other pets as well. For those with a keen eye, you will notice that the label appears where the ‘retired’ or ‘seasonal’ graphic usually appears. In the webkinz world, the Eager Beaver is the only pet that has the ‘Adventure Pack’ label in the arcade.

This new addition to the pack is raising eyebrows because people are not sure what this label means and there has not been any official communication concerning the same. We encourage you to keep visiting our site since we will communicate any information as soon as it is available.

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