Hello Webkinz Fans! The camping season has arrived again and all the Campkinz Campers are syked for the new theme items. The programmers at Ganz have planned for site maintenance on 20 July. The first edition of the Campkinz theme amazed us with the awesome canoe, the first aid Kit and the Campkinz Camping lamp. This is a new and exiting second edition of the CampkinzTheme. Would you guess the exiting items that they are going to add in the previous editions system?

We got a sneak preview last week of the items to be on the look out for in this new edition of the Campkinz Theme. More information is trickling in as we speak, but for now, feast your eyes on these new items that are rumored to be in the second edition of the all-new and exiting second edition of the Campkinz Theme.

Ganz has finally released the pictures for the new and exiting new items for the awesome adventure, and changed the names of the two of the items that are shown above. The Campkinz lamp is now called the Campkinz Lantern and the Campkinz canoe is now called the Campkinz Water raft. So there you have it, welcome to the second edition of the campkinz Camping theme, get all the items for a complete and fun experience.

There are also other items in the new edition by Ganz such as the cot, activity board, the cooler and the kitchen. There is also exiting cabin flooring and cabin wallpapers to make your camping theme exiting and adventurous.

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