Hello Webkinz Fans! The last 24hours has seen news about the new and desired feature of the Webkinz world trickling in, in the need to make our members more aware of what has been happening around here. The Adventure World features are being released in detail by the hour and we are doing our best to bring it closer to you. The Adventure Park, expected to debut this August, is the latest of the statements released by Ganz, giving a clearer outlook about this new venture.

The latest of this is that there is a lot of fun in adopting one of the cool Webkinz Adventure Park series pets. Whilst at it, each of the pets contains a code that will unlock a specific quest, to a completely different meaning of the word fun. In addition to this package, one is also able to unlock another mini-quest, which he can be able to send to one of his Webkinz Adventure Park friends. Once the quest is underway, one must be able to complete it in order to win fantastic prizes.

Going into more details about the quest, each pet contains a unique set of 8 to 10 challenges that one has to overcome through the quest. They all form a storyline while overcoming each challenge, since each of them sends the players to a completely new area in the Webkinz World. This goes on and on until the completion of the set of challenges. With that, one can claim the grand prize! The same goes for the mini-quest challenges, only that it is a smaller package consisting of 4 to 5 challenges, which once completed; a mini grand prize is given to both you and your friend.
Bonus Quests can be allocated to those who complete the quests by clicking to any of the Adventure Park Kinz.

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