Hello Webkinz Fans! Have you experienced any glitches in Webkinz nowadays? It is probably because of the problems in the Webkinz system after a new version of Flash Player has been released. For almost two weeks now, reports are pouring in about several glitches in the game One specific glitch in Webkinz that has caught the attention of the Webkinz Technical Team is in the eShop.  Whenever you click the “Back to Categories” button, the screen goes black and forces players to exit the eShop.

Webkinz Technical Team has traced the problem to the Flash Player. It seems like the problem was caused by the recent update in the Flash Player. Fortunately, Sleeping Wake, a Webkinz member, has given us a great guide on how to fix the problem. You can find the guide here. Technical team is still working on the glitches and hopefully it will be fixed really soon!

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