Hello Webkinz fans! The news I will bring you might be a little disappointing for some. Recently, Ganz announced that the November Pet of the Month will be the Webkinz Walrus, not the Domino Cat. The month of November is still two months away so telling the news now about changing the supposed November Pet of the Month, the Domino Cat to the Webkinz Walrus might be better than announcing it later. Webkinz Fans looking forward for the Domino Cat might get disappointed but at least they replaced it with an equally cute pet, the Webkinz Walrus.

This news has been a shock to retailers as well. Ameriwade, a Webkinz retailing company asked their sales representative about the sudden change. According to their sales representative, the Domino Cat announcement before was an error was just corrected yesterday. Dissapointed? Well, we can still look forward for the Webkinz Walrus! Enjoy everyone!

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