Hello Webkinz fans! With the new area called Adventure Park, so many things have been added to Webkinz World: a new area to play around, new quests, new items, and lots of fun! To make everybody’s day complete, the Quick Quests are now available whenever you have finished all the quests in Adventure Park!

That’s right, the quick quests are now available when you have cleared out all quests in Adventure Park. You will be given the Quick Quests that may give you unique prices that will only be available until the end of the month of September. These prices are shown below.

So far, five prices have been determined by our dear Webkinz members. Starting from the top-left of the picture, these items are Boris’ Pickaxe, Cave Potato Plant, Colorful Stones, Red Flower, and lastly, the Wild Mushroom. I hope you all get these fun and unique items available only in Adventure Park Quick Quests. Enjoy Webkinz Fans!

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