Hello Webkinz Fans! Have you ever seen such a cute pet kitten, doesn’t it remind you of a pet kitten you once had? This brown and white kitten is going to steal people’s hearts this August. Webkinz’s orange tabby gives us a glimpse of the great things to expect in August. The cuddly kitten with short limbs and cute pink ears is a must have for every kitten lover this Halloween. This Signature orange tabby has a look that makes you want to hug it, and its tail puts the finishing touches on the furry animal.

You can have the Signature orange tabby starting August; though you had better be prepared least stocks run out before you have one in your arms. So you had better keep your ear to the ground and your eyes wide open.

The puppy is expected to reach the Webkinz store soon, and interested buyers are advised to get ready since the pet is already in the Ameriwade stores, and their sale begins on June 24, 2011. Ameriwade stores retail this adorable pet for a flat fee of $5, regardless of whether one is buying in bulk or in small quantities. The amount is inclusive of shipping and handling for those of you living in the United States and Canada. Those willing to purchase the item using their credit card, online, will not be charged until they receive their order. You will have no one else to blame but yourself if this opportunity passes you by.

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