Hello Webkinz Fans! For those of you who are always keen on the advertisements, then yesterday’s advertisement must have crossed your path. In the ‘weekend Round-up’ article, players had been requested to be keen and look out for special spree advertisements that would run on the Webkinz news. Ganz made this announcement. The catch here was that if any player was to click on the advertisements, they were to receive a prize. They were to get Bonus Rolls for the Spree Arcade game. When several of our members looked out for these advertisements and clicked on them, they reported to not having won anything. It seemed as if the promotion had developed complications and the intended purpose fell on barren ground.
Today, the situation seemed to have worsened since no single report had come through from anyone claiming to have spotted an advertisement, let alone click on it and not getting a prize. This resulted into some members seeking ads to claim that it was an invalid campaign ID. The programmers of Ganz were in the hot seat for this one, and this made them to release a statement concerning the spree ads, whose aim was to inform members that they were aware of the problem, and that they were conducting investigations concerning the issue. The announcement came at around 1:26 pm ET.
Ten hours later, Ganz updated that they had received the spree ads report and that they had dealt with the problem. This is your opportunity to look for the ads and see whether you will win a prize.
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