Hello Webkinz Fans! Please note that this is not a typing error. There was $10,000 up for grabs this weekend. The marketing representative for Bublaa, the recently launched website, contacted us with this great news. They felt that the insider family could win this money because of the size and resources of our user base.
For those who do not know about Bublaa, it is a new social networking site of which you would have to be 13 years and above to become a member, or if younger, have a relative register for you.
The contest kicked off three weeks ago and ended today. Due to our overwhelming support from our members, we gained and lost the lead several times. As at 1:05pm ET, One member Bubble seemed to have won, since we have the highest number of users. We are waiting for confirmation from Bublaa though, so that we know for sure. As we wait, we would like to thank all of you who participated and to assure you of some good rewards and special prizes coming your way. Since we had promised that with a huge prize budget, the sky is the limit. Our member prizes will increase and you will even have the privilege of suggesting the amount of money the prizes will be. In addition, you can suggest what you want us to buy, either Webkinz or non-Webkinz related items.
At 2:05, Bublaa posted the following announcement, “Congratulations on the good race! We are going to validate the results and will announce the winner during the next week”

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