926736_dare_to_be_diffferentWhen I was younger I remember there were a couple of toys that were extremely popular. People used to rush and buy the latest edition of the toy. One of these toys was a beanie baby. Maybe the beanie baby is still a popular toy. However, I remember when it first debuted and people collected them by the dozen. Then, they would anxiously wait for the next beanie baby to be released. The other toy I remember having some fascination with was pogs. Do you remember pogs? It was a toy you used to play games with during recess with your friends. If you ran out of pogs, you had to go buy more. For a while, it seemed like everyone was buying pogs. Today, all you seem to hear about it Webkinz.

What are they? And, why are they so popular? A Webkinz animal is somewhat like a beanie baby. However, when you buy it, you receive a code that gives you access to a virtual world. In this virtual world, your Webkinz pet comes alive. A kid can adopt the pet, name it, give it a place to live, etc.

Additionally, they can play games with their friends in this virtual world and win prizes. It is no wonder that this plush little animal has created such a fad.

2 Responses to “The Growing Popularity Of Webkinz: Where Did It Come From?”
  1. Hanna says:

    I love webkinz

  2. phil says:

    please i really need a code it is christmas and i didn’t get anything.

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