Hello Webkinz Fans! If you don’t have them and you want to get the Webkinz Orange Signature Orange Tabby, Webkinz Pelican (September 2011 POTM), or even the Caring Valley-tagged Webkinz White Swan; you can go to the Webkinz store to add these to your family. When you are there, check out the Ameriwade sale. You will see that all the three plushies and a large cool collection of other older products are now available for you to purchase.

The other cool thing is that Ameriwade still has its $5 flat-rate for shipping to anywhere in the USA and Canada, and it doesn’t even matter how small the order is. The best way to do this is to also pay by credit card as you won’t get charged until your product is shipped. Then as a final though from the, A small portion from every sale made online at www.Ameriwade.com will go to supporting Webkinz.

The decision has been taken by Ameriwade to not pre-sell the Peace Unicorn, Splash Dragon or even the Lynx.“At this time we are not Pre selling any of the other Aug releases due to Ganz Cutting all the dealers order[s] short.”This was a recent statement that was released. Retailers are only allowed to order three plushies at a time, just like the July 2011 Webkinz.

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