Hello Webkins Tips Fans! Ganz had said back in March 2011, that the Endangered Red Panda would be the last pet to be in the line. This was a move to “bid farewell” to the Signature Endangered Webkinz.

However a couple of days ago a member had sent us a report stating that they had just adopted and purchased a Spotted Jaguar. According to the tag that is attached to the pet, this is infact in the line as a Signature Endangered pet.

After other reports, we have also received confirmation from another valued member that has managed to adopt a Jaguar.This Jaguar has been adopted today and it is also showing in Webkinz World as an endangered pet.This member however did not receive the Sanctuary Pack and the special Walls or Floors that come with it, however our member has received a Wish Token along with an Endangered Exclusive item. The Jaguar is also being shown as an Endangered pet on Webkinz World through an advertisement which has been run through Ganz.There was no mention of this on previous Ganz news and this had always been shown to be a Regular Signature.

Most Webkinz players will be thrilled to have another go at the amazing Endangered Exclusive list of items that are obtained from this special line up of pets. However we have to say that it has been confusing.

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