Hello Webkinz Fans! If you have never been glued to your screen, then you had better make arrangements and brace yourself. Tomorrow there will be a special message on Webkinz news about a new Peek-A-Newz. You cannot afford to miss this.

Webkinz is giving you an opportunity to get into the summer celebration mood by offering you the chance to win summer prizes. The chances of winning are so high, so if you have never had the opportunity of winning anything so far, there is an opportunity for you to win this summer. For you to win a prize, all you need to do is find Sally and Roberta.

Sally is easy to find since she wears a red coat and matching glasses. Her yellow fur and pink ears make her irresistible while her smile makes her look very cute. Her red hair clip and white earrings with red stains, give her that lady appeal.

Roberta is all white on the face, and arms, and he wears round, red glasses on her face. Her two teeth sticking out make her easy find, while her blue and yellow attire makes her very attractive. Her pointed ears and yellow rubber shoes give her that finishing touch.

All you have to do to claim your prize is find either of them in five times and the prize is as good as yours. For each Webkinz world account, there is a prize for you every day.

One of our members has alerted us on the new Peek-A-Newz and for that, we are grateful, we look forward to finding out what prize this member has won.

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