Hello Webkinz Fans!Are you still trying to solve that Superstar Clothing Recipe? This has been a tough one to solve for many of our members. Well, finally we are able to bring you the secret recipe that you have been looking for, for so long.

The Superstar Shirt has finally been made. Thanks to one member, we are now able to show you a picture of the Shirt. Many have tried to solve this Superstar Shirt Clothing Recipe, however no one has managed to solve this yet. Until now! We are greatfull to our dedicated member who has been the first to solve this Superstar shirt recipe. This member has been trying for a long time however we are now able to show you how it was done. To make the shirt, you need to use PJ’s Clothing Machine.

Now for the best part, the special ingredients that you need to use in PJ’s clothing machine are the White Hollywood Glasses, Purple Mod Hat and the Funky Flowered Pants.

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