Hello Webkinz Fans! Just when you thought Christmas was over and with it went all the gift giving, then you are wrong. A gift will be coming your way if it has not already reached you. Those of you who are fans of the Smurfs, the movie will premier on July 29 in your local theatres, and you should take the opportunity to watch it before your friends start telling you about it. For all the Webkinz members living in Asia, or anyone with an Asian account, when you logged in on July 17, you received a second Smurf gift. If you know someone who has not logged in so far, inform him or her to do so as soon as possible. Because of the difference in the time zone, the European and American members received their lovely gifts as the day changed over.
The gift that you have with you is the beautiful Enchanted Mushroom lamp that reminds you of the Smurfs. You can almost picture the Smurfs lighting it when the sun goes down. If you are logged on using your computer, simply point at the lamp and click on it and you will see it light up. Since this is the second Smurf gift, those of you who received the ‘Blue Moon’ now have a small collection of Smurf toys and we hope you will be keen enough to add onto your collection. The ‘Blue Moon’ was awarded on the ninth of this month.
These Smurf toys are part of the Smurf movie promotion, which will hit the big screen on July 29.

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