Hello Webkinz Fans! If you haven’t checked out the message boards of Webkinz lately, Here’s one of the new updates:

Series 3 Trading Cards are in stores now! Join the search for the rare Magical Retriever pet!

All New Art! Exciting Prizes! Sticker Card in Every Pack!

Ganz is proud to announce the release of Series 3 of our popular line of trading cards! We’ve made some big changes that we’re sure you’ll love!

Series 3 cards feature all-new, full card art on thicker, glossy cards. Series 3 cards feature all your favorite Webkinz World characters and many of our great Webkinz pets, from classics to our newest releases. As an added treat, each card includes Webkinz trivia that you can challenge your friends with. Watch for our foil Webkinz Profilez insert cards with plush pet photos and great pet info!

Also included in every pack, for the very first time, is a Webkinz Sticker card! Stickers include Webkinz pets, logos and cool items. You might even find a full card Sparkle Sticker!

And what would Webkinz Trading Cards be without Feature Codes? Series 3 includes some of our best prizes yet! Every pack includes a Feature Code for a Series 3 exclusive item, not found anywhere else! Items include new clothing, new posters, a cool new theme, and you can even find the furniture owned by our Webkinz World characters! From Plumpy’s writing desk to Fred Rover’s couch, it’s your chance to own a little piece of Kinzville!

Join the search for the Magical Retriever! A fantastic, sparkling new pet has been discovered in Webkinz World and they can only be found in Series 3 packs! Will you be one of the lucky few to find this very rare pet? It comes with a unique new item and it’s own food and will be treasured amongst Webkinz collectors!

Also look for our popular free pet cards in Series 3 packs. Like Series 2, our free pet cards include a mystery pet. We’ve added some of our most loved pets, from the Sherbet Bunny to the Whimsy Dragon!

Source: Webkinz.com

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