Webkinz Christmas Ornaments have been confirmed for this year. They will be releasing 24 ornaments and they will be constructed with the same material as Webkinz Series 1 and Series 2 Figurines.

Here is the complete list of Webkinz Christmas Ornaments:

  • Santakinz Hippo
  • Ring in the Season Penguin
  • Sweet Peppermint Puppy
  • Cookies for Santakinz Cow
  • Stocking Stuffer Siamese Cat
  • Wreath Relaxing Monkey
  • Great Skates Google
  • Santakinz Lil’ Helper
  • Lighting the Way Reindeer
  • Best Present Dog
  • Sounds of the Season Yellow Lab
  • Christmas Parade Panda
  • Sounds of the Season Poodle
  • Norther Tales Polar Bear
  • Sounds of the Season Rabbit
  • Major Air Snowboarding Frog
  • All Decked Out Zangoz
  • Frozen Fun Snowman
  • Best Present Beagle
  • Starry Night Arabian Horse
  • Slipper Slopes Raccoon
  • Christmas Snack Pig
  • Very Merry Christmas Seal
  • Have a wacy Christmas Zingoz
4 Responses to “Webkinz Christmas Ornaments Coming This Year”
  1. vicki says:

    You can preorder these webkinz ornaments

  2. suzeeq says:


  3. Jeanie says:

    Where is a great question, I was wondering where to order them and how much you are charging, I’ve seen some sites for $149.00 but they are no longer selling them.

    Please let me know how to order the ornaments and their cost. Thanks.

  4. Webkinz says:

    Try finding them here at the Webkinz Ornament Store

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