Hello Webkinz Fans! Christmas is already here with us, and gifts are already being wrapped, in preparation of the festivities here at Webkinz. The temperatures are at an all time high outside, thanks to the hot and humid summer season. Nevertheless, the temperatures in Webkinz are much cooler. How cool is that? Temperatures here like this because of the season that we are in. This is where gift giving and receiving is at an all time high for us. Everyone is wrapping his or her gifts, in full preparation of the Christmas in July contest. As things are geared up to this contest, we feel like reminding everyone of the old and faithful saying, “it is better to give than to receive”.

Why are we saying all this? Well, the announcement from the desk is that the contest kicks off right now, and will be closing on 24 July 2011. The task that we have chosen for you to participate in is simply asking you to post a thread, stating the best present that you have ever given. Through random selection, the judges will choose random winners of this contest. Fifty people will walk away with gifts from Webkinz.

We also need us to know that the contest is eligible for members who have been registered with Webkinz. If you have not yet registered for the contest, what are you waiting for? It is free to register with Webkinz, so all of you who have not yet registered will have a chance at this.  Join the Webkinz world for a chance to participate in this and many more activities that they have to offer.

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