Hello Webkinz Fans! What comes to your mind when you think of Christmas? Some think of Santa Claus and his big belly floating on his sleight, others think of the presents that they want to receive and unwrap. All employeestreasure that holiday because they do not have to go to work, while others look at it from a religious perspective, celebrating the virgin birth of Christ. We all agree thatthe Christmas season is a season for giving, and for Webkinz, it has come five months early.

Despite there being no snow falling and the temperature being as high as it is, Webkinz has been in the process of wrapping presents for the ‘Christmas in July’ contest.  This is a very exciting contest to be held this summer with winners receiving gifts on that day.  Since no one knows exactly what those gifts are, everyone should enter the competition.

A wise man once said that ‘giving is much better than receiving,’ and for you to receive the best, you need to give. The requirement for entering the competition is for you to post on this thread about the present that you gave to someone and why it meant the most to you. The winners of the contest will be chosen randomly where fifty of the participants will walk away with prizes.  This competition is only open to registered members. To be part of the contestants, you register before 24th July at 10pm.

New members are welcome to register since signing up for an account is free, fun and easy.

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